Bike service

INTERSPORT Hauser Kleinarl

Bike workshop

Just as you have your car regularly inspected by professionals, you should also do your bicycle or e-bike the favour of a trip to the bike workshop once in a while. That way you can rely on your bike for an enjoyable and safe tour.

E-Classic service E-Professional service Professional service Classic service
Wear check of all parts
Tightening of bolts
Road safety check
Gearing adjustment
Brake adjustment
Chain cleaning + oiling
Cassette cleaning
Motor sprocket cleaning
Wheel centring
Oiling of bearings and moving parts
Speed sensor
Inspection and cleaning of socket connections
Motor management diagnostics (Bosch)
Hub bearing maintenance
Headset maintenance
Pedal bearing maintenance

Your bike service pro in Kleinarl

INTERSPORT Hauser at Champion Shuttle valley station